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 [Application] Patrick

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PostSubject: [Application] Patrick   Sun Dec 28, 2008 2:46 am

This is for the GameMaster position application:






Experience:To start off, I have been a GM in few servers, such as xDreamerMS, WorldMS, SerenityMS, CrimsonMS, FluffyMS, and more which I have forgotten since it has been quite a while since they shutdown >.> I have stayed as a GM in most of the servers for a long-term of time, at least a few weeks unless the server was leading towards corruption, or if the server shutdown.

Host what events:I will host events such as: Hide-N-Seek, Trivial type of events in the FM, and Scavenger Hunt.

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory:It really depends on my school work and etc, but I will try to dedicate 1~5 hours each day, and more on weekends.

Other Comments:Thanks for reading through this application.
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[Application] Patrick
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