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 Kevokilla GameMaster Application

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PostSubject: Kevokilla GameMaster Application   Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:23 am

3)Location(Country):United States of America
3.A)ive played the actually maplestory since about 2months it came out.
3.B)well mon-fri probbaly 7hrs+ and on weekends or vacation probably 12hrs +.
3.C)I am fluent in English and know some spanish and gonna start taking classes in french.
3.D)I am very organized as you can currently see.
3.E)3pm-10pm PET(pacific eastern time) on mon-fri so thats 7 hrs .and 9am-1am PET(pacific eastern time)on sat-sun or vacation which is 15hours i can get on and this is the times i can be on when other are not.
4)Why you think you are qualified to be a GM:
4.A)I have been gm in 6 servers and never have had one complaint
4.B) Ive been a beta tester in Runescape and moderator/gm in many servers which is also the basic concept of maplestory
4.C)I would stick with the server no matter what.
5)How would you handle a hacker:
5.A)Well If he keeps hacking i would perm ban or if it was a really bad hack like pin crack or etc.
5.B)If i caught him like god mode i would jail him or dc him or temp ban this also goes with vac
5.C)If i get picked i plan on makeing a list of names and everytime i catch a minor hacks i will give a strike and i will go on 3 strike policy
5.C.A)Unless it was a major hack or even a minor major hack(if you understand what i mean)
5.D)Would you post your bans:Yes and i would post Reason and time
7)Any additional information:
7.A)Well i was from newyork but moved and currently at law school, i bought a house off campus so i can have Independence, I will obey your decision and i wont abuse power. Since i have experience in law i have a idea what is fair and what is not.
7.B) if your trying to code or do something important would u want people to go HELP HELP HELP ME!!!! they could ask me instead of bugging you
8)Extra extra stuff
8.A) I would never leave your server if u messed up or if you do something bad cause i know if you can live through the bad just quit cause the bad is the foundation to the good
8.A) as you can tell i am organized i am fair i know whats right and whats not and know when ive crossed the line if i ever did which i wouldnt
If you accept my Application to become Your privateserver game master email me at
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Posts : 5
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PostSubject: Re: Kevokilla GameMaster Application   Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:09 am

Im not sure if this counts as double post which is shouldnt but if it is sorry
Umm im trying to edit and it just keeps saying you dont have this ability.
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Kevokilla GameMaster Application
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