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 Annie's GM Application

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PostSubject: Annie's GM Application   Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:34 am

GameMasters [GM]

Name: Annie

In-game name: Love

Age: 15

Location: California

Timezone: PST [Pacific time]

Contact Info:
E-mail -


I've been a GM in a few private servers such as..
-ShoesMS [Shut down]
-MangoMS [Shut down]
-BlooMS [Shut down]
In MangoMS, I was Co-Admin, so I helped my friend read GM Applications, code a little, recuit players, and overall, I made them happy to stay.

Host what events?:
The events that I hold will be entertaining, but not time-consuming. I will put the player's favorite event before my own.

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory:
About 3-4 hours per day. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. My schedule differs every day so I'm not sure. But I go on the computer whenever I can.

[Additional Information]

Why do you want to be a GM?:
I want to help new players feel welcome. Since most people leave private servers because they don't feel welcome. Like they're unwanted or something. ALso I want to make the players feel happy whenever they come on, not gloomy.

How will you help the server as a GM?:
I can help this server become more populated. I have friends from ShoesMS that are looking for a private server. I can ask them to come here. I can also advertise. I have video making skills with Sony Vegas 8.0 PRO.
[If you need a confirmation, you can ask for my youtube account beforehand.]

What do you hope to obtain by being a GM ?:
I think what I'm hoping for is the satisfaction of helping someone.
Like if they're new, and I help them make the choice of staying.
And actually being a GM who pays attention.
As the numbers grow, the GMs get more and more busy.
And they miss some people.
I understand that. Because I'm not the best at coding,
I can get the people that the current GMs miss.
[Or something like that. I'm not sure how to write it.]

Will you abuse your powers as a GM?:
No, of course not. I do NOT abuse a privilage given to me.

How will you react to the players?:
I would welcome the new players with open arms while also keeping an eye on the regular players. Because I like making friends, I would probably befriend many of the players, if not all. I did notice that many players took advantage of my kind and playful personality and hacked in front of me, thinking that I would not ban them due to our newly made friendship. They thought wrong. I ban all hackers, after a warning of course, no matter what their excuse. Although I have a kind and playful personality, I'm very strict when it comes to hackers.

Other Comments:
Thank you for reading my application.
Hope you've enjoyed it, as much as I did.

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Annie's GM Application
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