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 An awsome timed task manager

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PostSubject: An awsome timed task manager   Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:38 pm

Well seeing as I haven't coded anything in such a long time, and this section was empty, I wanted to do something really simple that I could continue to build on and make more advanced and post in this section.

Below is a "Timed Task Manager". It's just a simple console that will execute tasks. For now, it only have 1 task with 3 options. Shutdown your computer, reboot, or log you off. But it does all this in timed intervals (seconds).

This looks really easy to do to most of you, probably because it is. But I will be adding more to this so don't you worry

I've barely tested this though so if you find any errors please don't flame, just report them here and I will fix them. Thanks.

thanks to TylerK at GamerzEssentials
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An awsome timed task manager
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