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 GM Application, Kevin

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PostSubject: GM Application, Kevin   Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:41 am

Name: Kevin Yong
Location:USA, New York
Contact Info:
TimeZone: Eastern Time

Experience with advertising: I was a GM for FinalStory and StarMS. I am a coder ( i am not a pro, but i have fixed some problems in my and other servers, i have created several Maplestory servers, bronzems. you can check out my old website. I also have also had experiences with the gm codes. my pros is that i can help advertise. I was one of the main people to get Finalstory to #1 before it got ended. I have many friends that are moderators on many great advertising websites, for example. i am familuar with all of the hacking tools for maplestory.

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory: I will play everyday for 2-3 hours, on and off maplestory. Advertising.

Other Comments: AeroStory can become a high ranked private server if you make an extra room for a gm. I have much experience. and i will make Aerostory a fun experince.

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GM Application, Kevin
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