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 iGnit3's Application

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PostSubject: iGnit3's Application   Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:42 am

GameMasters [GM] Or Coder/DEV

Name: Patt

Age: 18.

Nationality(Added): Thai. Moved to Australia at the age of 7.

Location: Australia, N.S.W.

Contact Info: MSN.

TimeZone: GMT +11 (Eastern Australia)


Never been GM for any Maple server, However experience on other games, CS 1.6 MOD and MMOrpgs like Ragnarok. Studied Software Design and development so maybe able to help with also the coding area if needed. But as never experienced in that area, Applying for GM instead xP. Basic Knowledge of Photoshop also. x)

Host what events:

Hosting events aren't my Specialty as I've never been a Maple GM. However as there are plenty of gm that would host events already, I'll gladly help out with handling them. ><" Love Jump Events though x)

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory:

Just finished High School and heading to Uni. So Plenty of time for the whole week. Only working part-time, thus ALOT of time.. (Anywhere from 7 to 12 hours all day)

Other Comments:

Experienced with Coding in general but no knowledge with Maple Coding (I should probably search some up). Planning to work in the IT industry, so this would be a great chance. But as no knowledge atm of Maple coding, only applying for GM, but will love to learn coding as well. Basically the passion for working on the computer and playing games of all sort, would be wonderful to take part in this community.


Been looking at code examples, seems alright x), almost the same as coding Custom NPC's on Ragnarok.
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iGnit3's Application
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