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 Sam's GM Application

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PostSubject: Sam's GM Application   Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:33 pm

Name: Samantha prefer Sam ^^

Age: 15

Location: Singapore

Contact Info:

TimeZone: GMT+8

Experience: I got much experience as a GM. I helped out old servers when v55 just came out. Was a stuff of UnexpectMS (a server of friends's), 1GmS, cztms, SnickerStory, TailsMS, ThinkStory.

Host what events: Q/A, Yes/No, Hide-And-Seek or any other events i could think of.

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory: 8-10 hours on holiday, 1-2 hour during school days.

Other Comments: I joined private server for half a year and played real MS for more then 1half year. I am very familiar with the commands. I'll catch hacker when i see them hacking without any warning given. I am very sincere of taking this GM role for your server. I'll contribute anything to the server within my limits. I know the limit of my powers. I wont abuse them. If players asked me to host event, I'll ask for permission. If i am not allowed to host, I'll tell them I'm unable to. I am a faster learner and a helpful person. I will joke around with the players but when it comes to time when i got to be serious i will do my job as a role of GM. I take the job of GM seriously. I'm looking forward to become one of the stuff of AeroStory. Please take my application into consideration. Thank you! Have a nice day! Smile
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Sam's GM Application
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