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 zr's in-game GM application ((:

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PostSubject: zr's in-game GM application ((:   Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:43 pm

This is for a Game master application ((:

Name: zirong

Age: 14

Location: Singapore

Contact Info:

TimeZone: GMT +8

Experience: I came into PS for around 5 months. i am experienced in the job of in game GM . i will guide new comers to the server . I will also crack jokes to make people laugh . GM act as like a "police" in game . Well , GM's role is not only for banning people but to host events to prevent people from getting bored easily . As a role of GM , we don't only ban hackers or making events , we introduce the server to other people and make the community bigger . I have been a GM in servers like UnexpectMS ( server of mine , which closed down ) , CZTMS ( closed down long ago ) , RageMS ( server of my friend , shut down due to some personal reasons ) and some other old MS which i have forgotten . I wont give anything to players unless its an event . As for hacking case , i don't usually give hackers any warning . I'll ban them straight . No warning will be given , no excuse . Some people want to get credit so they will anyhow mega that there's a hacker . I do encounter with those people . i will warp to the IGN given and confirm that its real then i will ban him or her . If its fake i'll jail the person who mega-ed and asked him or her why she wants to do this . I do take GM job seriously . I wont allow people to do any harm to the server . And i will also vote for the server and stay active .

Host what events: I will host events such as Hide-and-seek events by giving clue to people and they find us . Yes/no event such as i will ask a question if the person who got it correct 1st will win . Jumping event such as i warp players to certain maps and the 1st one who jumps to the end wins . Answering events such as i ask a question and the 1st person who answer it correctly wins . Climbing event such as i warp players to towers like ludi towers orbis tower and the 1st to climb up the tower wins .

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory: 7~10 hours if its a holiday , maybe lesser when weekends . weekdays will depend if i am busy with school work .

Other Comments: I respect people if they show respect to me as well ! Add me in MSN .
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zr's in-game GM application ((:
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