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 Emai's Application

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PostSubject: Emai's Application   Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:12 pm

Name: Emma
Age: 25
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Contact Info:
TimeZone: GMT +10

Experience: I have been a GM for a server named MapleWire. I believe I was a GM there for around a month or so before the server had to be closed. I still have all my notes on GM Commands, Monster IDs and the like, so I can quite easily step back into a GM Roll and be ready to go. My playing time is also when most other GMs are not online in game, so I would be able to monitor game play for the users that also play in my Playing time. I can also catch and ban hackers that like to hack when they believe no GMs are in game.

Host what events: I would host Monster Spawn events, Hide and Seek events, True or False, Guess That and any other events that someone suggests, within reason. Prizes for said events would not be ridiculously large, such as GM Scrolls or Godly Weapons.

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory: I can spend hours a day online if I was needed. I mostly spend between 2-3 hours at a time on MapleStory .. sometimes even more. I also have the power to Post advertisements on a few sites that I have access to, in the hopes of recruiting new members.

Other Comments: I'm a fast learner, a friendly person and I am always willing to help others. I try not to break the rules, but if I do, I only do it once.
Yes, I really am 25, yes, I have no life, but that means more time for MS. Smile
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Emai's Application
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