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 angelz4697's GM APP

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PostSubject: angelz4697's GM APP   Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:09 pm

angelz4697's GM Application

Name: Name is Enrico. Funny name eh? Lol. Just call me Angel(z). I prefer that most.

Age: I'm only 14 this time. But i'll be turning 15 on January 5. Yay? Lol,

Location: I live at the Philippines. Southeast of Asia. Near China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Contact Info: My e-add and MSN is I don't really use MSN but you can also contact me in Yahoo! Messenger. My Y!M account is angels4697. Add me up.

TimeZone: GMT+8.

Experience: I've been playing Maplestory, Maplestory Global to be more informative, for almost 5 years. My main character in MS Global is an Assassin(lvl53). But I stopped playing MS when my Assassin turned 53 because, I somehow found out that I was really pushing too much effort on playing MS. Well, I was though. So I was thinking that if I play a high rate Maplestory server, my "pushing too much effort" can pay off. So I tried searching some private servers via google and I found.. actually i didn't find one working server because all of them are just on the "Developing Stage" wherein they make the server via notepad. I didn't have a choice so I played MS Global again for 1 more year. After that one freaking long year, I found out that ragezone has already released the server files of Maplestory. YAY! RAGEZONE FTW! I also heard about OdinMS so I tried playing the server but my playing time for OdinMS didn't last for about 2 days because the server was still very buggy and laggy and did too many rollbacks. So suck it. Then a couple weeks more my computer set died. My motherboard was getting really crappy and soon it died. So, no computer for 3months. That sucked btw. When I bought a new motherboard, got all the other parts on it and got the internet back. Searched private servers again and I found out about FallenCity MS. Where all players are GMs. Then I played ToxicMS and became a GFX Artist. But all staff members in that server were given a GM place. I lasted for 6 months on that server but the server ended on my 6month. The server was great and I had so much time to learn about things about being a GM on that server. The commands, how to host an event, how to be creative, and specially how to be a real GM. And all I can say is that, being a real GM is a great responsibility. It's like being a parent for lots and lots of children. Lol. So that's about it.

Host what events: Alot of events. NX Slimes. Jump events. Russian Roullete. Quizzes. And alot of events I can think of. Lol.

Time willing to dedicate to AeroMS: Hmm. Since it's still our Christmas Break, I can spend time for the server for about 10 - 18 hours a day until January 5. But starting January 6, I can be on for only 4 - 6 hours on schooldays. Weekends can also be 10 - 18 hours too.

Other Comments: Uhh, I really don't have much more to say. But what I can say is that, stay cool. Keep the server up and running. Keep and be happy.

Good day to all of you.

I also have a post on your thread in RageZone.
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angelz4697's GM APP
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