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 GM Application

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PostSubject: GM Application   Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:14 am

posting here as well so i wont be missed = ]

Gamemaster Application

Name:Kevin Huang
TimeZone:GMT- 8

Experience:how many years since i played ms??? ever since beta Very Happy which is...around 4-5 years?
I've opened my own server for around half a year ago which only lasted one month. During that time i've gain a lot of PR skills and knows wat the players would want an d expect from a gamemaster. I've also been a gamemaster for lollicupMS which failed horribly because the admin fails to dev the server and with lots of players complaining the admin just closed the server down. I've also been a gamemaster in ro servers such as trinityms. In otherwords i am a professional at this postion and i would be happy to help the community out.I can assist players in game such as giving them advice on where to train and many other aspects that can and may help the players out.

Host what events:i will host events based on the amount of players on and events that all players can enjoy

Time willing to dedicate to AeroStory:whenever i have free time but ill be on everyday

Other Comments:
i am an ongoing person and at times i can social with the players but when it comes to times when i HAVE to be serious i will certainly do my job as a gm and tolerate no unapporiate behaviors. I am someone that you can go to if you are seeking for help or anything like that. i would love to help players out and if you every need anything i can certainly try my best to assist everyone without breaking any rules and without giving any unfair advantages to players.
i love to play basketballl and love to watch anime such as bleach and naruto.

i am looking forward to be a member of the team. Thank you for considering me.
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GM Application
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